The Lonely Island Mocks the Lowly Hashtag With New Song ‘Dance Rehersal’ [VIDEO]

Not since that obnoxious talking paperclip from Microsoft Office has a digital fob caught as much flack as the hashtag. At first, hashtags were cool — they were a link for ideas, a means of bringing the herd together on Twitter. But then people started putting them on Facebook. And pretty soon they were everywhere. Everything was a hashtag or followed up by one. Hell, given enough time, I believe that the hashtags would achieve sentience. After that: Terminators.

The Lonely Island, masters of social commentary, recognize this fact all too well, and as such, they’ve made a music video lampooning the once noble hashtag. The video, released today and called “Dance Rehersal” appears to have something or other going on in the background … I’m not too sure. Those hashtags though, they fly hard and fierce at you and are full of such trivia nuggets as #MollyRingwald and #TESLA.

I gotta believe if I actually go to #MollyRingwald on Twitter, I’m going to find a bunch of people saying “#LonelyIslandBroughtMeHere.” Die hashtag, die.

Also, the song’s okay, not their best, but at least it’s something.

Here’s more of The Lonely Island though, if you want:

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