Tobias Fünke Auditions For ‘Arrested Development’ in Viral Sizzle Reel

Need a cowboy? A leatherman? How about an all-American college student or a flying superhero? These are just a couple of the characters Tobias Fünke offers Ron Howard via his tragically awesome “demo reel.”

David Cross, who play Tobias on the show “Arrested Development,” has just trended virally upward with the release of his taped plea to director Ron Howard (who narrates “Arrested Development”), begging the A-lister to consider splicing the footage into his future films.

Brilliantly, the web has responded (no word from Ron Howard though), taking the footage and splicing it in to all manner of things — most hilariously, this Capcom video, where Tobias is amongst other things, a Street Fighter warrior. Not bad, internet. You’ve done me proud today.

The original video itself is, in effect, the little drummer boy sounding the approach of Season 4 of “Arrested Development.” The comedy show, which was cancelled by Fox, has been given new life on Netflix, and is attracting major hype for the video rental service turned production house. Especially when they put out marketing gold like this clip.

I just hope they’ve got a lot more stunts to fire off from their cannon before the show drops on May 26th.

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