Toby Turner Starts Indiegogo Campaign For A ‘Tobuscus’ Video Game [VIDEO]

Good news, all you Toby Turner haters — you might just have the chance to force the YouTube wunderkind to jump in some lava or be eaten by zombies. Fortunately for the fans of Toby, the effect is not permanent.

Toby Turner, the popular star of several YouTube channels with over 4 million subscribers to his name, has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a Tobuscus video game. The price he intends to raise is steep — $240,000 but he’s already raised over a 10th of it, and he’s got 45 days left to go — so hang in there Toby.

The game, which will feed off his nom de guerre “Tobuscus,” will feature Tobuscus and his friend “Gabuscus” as they have to stop an evil wizard from taking over Earth. Also there’s zombies, so that is pretty cool. If the crowdfunding attempt is successful, the game will be available on smartphone and iPad formats, or more, depending on popularity.

It’s an interesting idea, and one that can be amazing if pulled off correctly; fortunately not only does Toby have the chops to achieve a funny storyline (as witnessed by his channels), but he is exceptionally good to his fans and backers, promising all sorts of cool loot and swag for donators — including a chance to be made into a zombie in the game.

Considering the account just raised an additional $4,000 in the last couple minutes and there is still a month and a half left to go, I think it won’t be long until we are all playing “Tobuscus Adventures” and loving every minute of it.

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