Tumblr’s New Chat App ‘Babblr’ Allows Users To Instant Message Right From Their Dashboards

Welcome to the 21st century, Tumblr; we’re glad you could join us. Tumblr has officially launched an instant message service that allows users to instantly chat with friends and followers straight from their dashboard.

The Babblr instant message app will allow Tumblr users to start group chats with friends and followers. Plus, as the admin of each chat you start, just like the Queen of England, you’ll have the power to remove and add people at your own disposal. So when your friend makes fun of all the cat pictures you’ve been reposting, they’re out! To maintain privacy, each chat box posts security options off to the side that allow users to block, unblock, delete and turn sound on and off chat sounds.

The Co-founder of Babblr, Trevor Clarke, stated during a live stream about the chat app’s release: “As big fans of Tumblr, we love all it has to offer, but like many other users, felt that it was missing the ability to instantly chat. Though there have been attempts to create a technology to do this in the past, we are proud to announce that Babblr has found a way to not only make it happen, but to actually integrate instant chat into the Tumblr dashboard itself.”


Excitement started circulating around the chat feature long before the release, as over 208,000 people signed up for the service days days before it was unveiled on the Tumblr dashboard. But in counter to the excitement, many Tumblr users have had concerns about the app being created by a third-party source that is unaffiliated with the Tumblr name. In response to the concern, Babblr creators stated that although they would one day love to create under the Tumblr name, Babblr is a product that was created to easily integrate right into the dashboard.

To download the new chat feature, visit the Google Chrome web page, confirm the extension, and after logging into your Tumblr, watch a chat bubble magically appear in the left corner of your screen. Like Christmas come early, consider this new chat to be a gift from Tumblr straight to you.

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