Twerking Video Gets 33 High School Students Banned From Prom, Graduation [VIDEO]

So it turns out that San Diego is not so much that hip, happenin’ burg from “Anchorman”; it’s more like that little bullshit town from “Footloose.”

Thirty-three Scripps Ranch High School students have been suspended for their involvement in a twerking video that was posted to YouTube recently. Terms of their suspension also forbid the students — mostly female, from attending prom or walking at graduation.

The minute-long clip, which was filmed on school property, features both students saying the name of the school, and several fit, fit athletes in school uniforms gyrating their “moneymakers” while inverted. Also, it probably doesn’t help that the video is titled “SRHS twerk team original.”

Speaking with ABC News, 17-year-old Lyston Mcnear, who conceived and filmed the video (and was also suspended), said the production “took months to set up” and at the time they filmed it, “nobody seemed offended.”

Twerking, grandma, is a dance move that emerged from the “urban community” (yup) and involves a voracious wiggling of one’s ass cheeks to some fine “urban music.” It became especially popular after a video of Miley Cyrus twerking went viral.

Now I’ve watched this video 805 times (give or take), and while, yes, the idea of minors dancing suggestively is problematic, banning them from two of high schools’ major “events” is on the level of insidious. This is something that Dolores Umbridge would do. Maybe instead of punishing young people because we don’t understand or like their new cultural shifts, we could focus our energy on educating them about how hard it will be to get taken seriously in life when there are online videos of them flapping their ass for the fellas.

See also: Girls Gone Wild Syndrome.

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