Twitter Reacts To Season 4 of ‘Arrested Development’


The comedy series “Arrested Development” made its return after a seven-year hiatus Sunday by releasing all 15 episodes of season 4 on Netflix. Many waited until midnight to binge on the latest happenings of the Bluth family, and the show’s revival has been a trending topic on social media.

Overall, social media’s reaction to “Arrested Development”’s return has been a mixed bag. Excitement reached its peak when it went live at midnight Sunday, but as more people plowed through the 15 episodes, many critics and Twitter users expressed their disappointment at the latest season. On his Twitter account, YouTuber Michael Buckley compared season 4 to watching “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour all over again.” However, some on Twitter had praise for the latest season.


While many are buzzing over “Arrested Development” right now, it may become only an afterthought after this week since Netflix dropped the entire season in one day.

See some of the social media reactions to season 4 of “Arrested Development” in the tweets below:











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