Two Paws Up? Pug Watches — And Loves — ‘Homeward Bound’ Movie [VIDEO]

There are far too many cat videos on this site — dogs need some reppin’ too. And this anonymous pug fascinated by “Homeward Bound” might just be the best dog of them all … except for those heroic life-saving dogs probably … you just can’t compete with Lassie, Benji or Rin Tin Tin. Or even, you know, one of those real-life hero dogs.But still, this pug is pretty goddamn good.

Completely enthralled with the events it is seeing on the screen, the little dog barks and runs in circles while staring in utter amazement at the revelation that the animals in the early 90s kids movie make it back to their owners safely. I shit you not, I think this little dog knows exactly what is going on here, and it is both astounded and delighted.

I have a pug too — they cray-cray.

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