TYT Networks Launches New ‘TYT Investigates’ YouTube Channel

The Young Turks channel reached 1 billion YouTube views last month, and the TYT Network is still just getting started. Earlier this month, it was one of the first networks to launch a subscription fee-based YouTube channel called TYT Plus.

Now it’s collaborating with the Center for Investigative Reporter to produce an investigative news series, “TYT Investigates,” which features 20 to 30-minute long documentaries followed by an in-studio panel discussion headed by TYT founder and co-host Cenk Uygur. The first four episodes of “TYT Investigates” will be hosted and reported by CIR producer Chavala Madlena.

The first “TYT Investigates” episode, “Who Took Down Stockton?,” premiered today and investigates how the Central California city became the largest city in the country to file for bankruptcy. The video will be available on the TYT Investigates channel as well as the CIR’s own YouTube channel.

In a statement, Uygur said that their collaboration with CIR would help them tell the truth about today’s current issues: “Our viewers have an appetite for thought-provoking and high-impact journalism, and we think the ‘TYT Investigates’ channel speaks directly to them. The award-winning Center for Investigative Reporting has been breaking stories for years that demand accountability from government, corporations and others in power.  We think the combination of CIR’s world-renowned in-depth reporting and our ability to reach millions of young, active citizens hungry for the truth is going to be a groundbreaking moment for investigative journalism in the 21st century.”

Robert J. Rosenthal, CIR’s executive director, said that his organization wants their work to make a difference and that their collaboration with The Young Turks would help them reach an audience that is hungry for in-depth news.

He added: “This partnership has the potential to take our work to a new audience. This is an opportunity to reach young people who not only watch the news, but discuss, share and act on the stories they watch.”

You can watch the first “TYT Investigates” documentary “Who Took Down Stockton?” in the video above.

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