UK Viral Video Marketing Firm Unruly Acquires German Ad Platform Shareifyoulike


British viral video marketing firm Unruly has announced that they have acquired German viral video marketing firm Shareifyoulike, according to Reuters.

Both companies are known for creating viral campaigns with brands and advertisers that encompass social media and online video. London-based Unruly has been working with brands to predict the social media impact of their advertisements since 2006 and has an engaged audience of 978 million unique viewers. One of their biggest clients is the German auto manufacturer Volkswagen, known for their successful Star Wars-themed ad campaign “The Force.”

Shareifyoulike is an ad platform that pays brands and other users for sharing content such as videos or blog posts. Coca-Cola is one of their more prominent partners, and the beverage company’s “Security Cams” viral video featuring random acts of kindness was one of Shareifyoulike’s biggest campaigns.

Unruly Co-founder and CEO Scott Button said to “Demand for social video has reached a tipping point now that content marketing has established itself as a must-have marketing medium for every CMO’s strategic priorities and budget. This acquisition not only accelerates our international growth but marks the start of consolidation in the market as social video technology is sitting high on the merger and acquisition agenda of large technology companies.”

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