Video Of Amazing Slip-and-Slide Trick Shot Makes How Ridiculous The Ultimate Cool Kids

Started back in 2009, the How Ridiculous team is made up of four friends — Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek — who all share, not only a love for sports, but a love for trick shots as well. From their four years on YouTube, the guys have made some over-the-top, crazy shots but nothing that quite compares to the shot made in their most recent video “Epic Alley Oop -Slip and Slide.”

“We had to spend a good few hours constructing an epic slip and slide … the slide is fun enough but to make such a crazy shot using it was even better. It was easily one of the most fun shots we’ve ever done,” states How Ridiculous team member Brett Stanford. Not wanting to spoil the video, all you need to know before watching is that you should never attempt this with your friends because let’s be honest, you’d probably get injured or die.

With the team, the guys have made a living filming and uploading their trick shots to YouTube with the ultimate goal of using their videos to raise money for the non-profit organization “Compassion” which works to eliminate child poverty. The How Ridiculous team has raised over $10,000 for the cause thus far and continue to spread awareness for the organization through their videos. “A major purpose behind How Ridiculous is through our website and our videos we want to raise awareness for the major issue of child poverty around the world,” states Stanford. “Poverty takes everything from them, and for a lot of kids, even their life. We have partnered with Compassion who work on the ground to see the lives of these children changed one at a time.”

When asked if the shot could ever be topped, Stanford replies: “It certainly is one of our best shots yet, but we’ve already got a heap of plans in the works to create even more ridiculous trick shots so keep your eyes peeled! We’re just getting started.”

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