Video Of Dog Mourning Death Of Beaver Friend Proves Animals May Be More In Tune With Emotions Than Humans

A touching animal video that was originally uploaded last year of Bella the dog and her best friend Beavis the beaver has resurfaced on Reddit this week to melt hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

Bella and her best friend Beavis were inseparable: eating, playing and living together for years. As Disney’s “The Fox and The Hound” would put it (well, actually sing it, because they’re Disney), they were the best of friends. The video, filmed on the morning Beavis passed away in the yard, shows a mourning Bella whimpering and snuggling with the deceased beaver. As the other dogs in the yard play around her, Bella remains curled up alongside her friend — a position in which she stayed for hours that day.

Without a doubt, Bella and Beavis’s relationship is touching, but it also raises more questions than it answers: for one, who owns a 50-pound beaver as a pet? Two, is that even legal? Three, what activities would the pair engage in? Did they build dams together or fetch balls?

So go home and give your furry friend a hug; and should beavers be legal as pets, now you have the perfect gift for your mum this mother’s day.

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