‘The Matrix Retold By Mom’ Shows You Weren’t The Only One Who Didn’t Get The Movie (Or Wondered If Keanu Is Gay)

There are two things that I remember about “The Matrix.” One, everyone wore lots of leather, which didn’t make sense since the second you start sweating in a full leather body suit it becomes unbearable. And two, that giant cave orgy. Pretty much covers the whole series, right?

And while at times I feel bad for not liking — or really understanding — “The Matrix,” after watching the YouTube video “The Matrix Retold by Mom,” suddenly the movie’s plot became clear as day. Sure she mixed up a couple of names and closed her eyes during most of the fight scenes, but besides missing those, I think she nailed the deeper messages of the movie right on the head. Telling her version of the movie in typical mom fashion, she goes off on a few tangents, my favorite involving Keanu’s sexuality. Is he straight? Is he gay? She decides he’s bi and moves on her way to contemplate his cuteness. So if you’re on your way to a “Matrix” party and only have five minutes to refresh your memory of the movie, call upon the “The Matrix Retold by Mom” for some factual and thorough reporting on Keanu’s greatest film.

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