Video ‘Puppet Movie Trailer Proposal!!!’ Like Being Hit Right In The Heart By Cupid’s Arrow

The NMR office has been all about the love today. First, our own office cupid, Jeff Klima, broke down some emotional walls by asking us all the hard hitting question: “Why is everybody so afraid of love?” Nice job, Dr. Jeff. Good session.

Now, with our hearts wide open and emotions flying all about, it is time to hop on the NMR love boat once again to experience YouTube’s newest proposal video, “Puppet Movie Trailer Proposal!!!” The video captures the proposal of couple Stacy and Donita in a unique puppet movie trailer Stacy created for his leading lady. The video follows Donita, who thinks she is going to a “movie night” at her church with her family and friends, but soon find the movie has been created just for her [Carly begins to sob]. I won’t give away all the juicy moments — no, there are no puppet sex scenes, you sick person– but I will say nothing shouts love louder than a good puppet show.

And not to be swept away by his romance with Donita, but Stacy has started a website with the full love story and licensing details about the video to keep it from being passed around without compensation. Romantic and practical, Donita — this man is a keeper.

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