Vimeo Mobile Updates Layout, Now Includes Video Upload Feature


Vimeo has introduced a new layout for its mobile site, which streamlines it to look more like the desktop version of the video-sharing platform and also lets you upload videos from your smartphone.

In a blog post announcing the changes, Vimeo staffer Chris Diken wrote: “Every update has been made to bring more of the Vimeo you love to your phone in a way that’s beautiful, fast, and functional.”

Among the new features of the new mobile version of Vimeo are larger video thumbnails, the ability to search for other Vimeo users in addition to videos and an updated menu similar to the one found on the YouTube and Facebook apps. More importantly, the new Vimeo mobile layout lets you upload videos from your phone, which was only possible through the desktop site.

Diken also boasted the growing trend towards viewing Vimeo through a mobile device, which explains the overhaul: “Vimeo received millions upon millions of visits last month (totally bragging), and about a third of those people (still many millions!) experienced Vimeo on a mobile device.”

Vimeo’s mobile overhaul, especially its new smartphone upload functionality, will put the video-sharing platform at the same level as its bigger rival YouTube, which already has apps that let you shoot and upload content straight to your channel from your smartphone.

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