Vimeo on Demand To Distribute Latest Kristen Bell Film ‘Some Girl(s)’ in June


Vimeo will have officially begun its courtship with Hollywood movies for its Vimeo on Demand service by releasing “Some Girl(s)” on June 28, according to

The romantic comedy film stars Kristen Bell, known for her roles on TV’s “Veronica Mars” and Showtime’s sitcom “House of Lies” and “The OC”’s Adam Brody. The script was written by playwright Neil LaBute and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer.

Producers for “Some Girl(s)” told that they had the opportunity to release the film through traditional Hollywood means, but Vimeo on Demand allowed them to release the film without having delays.

Chris Schwartz, one of the producers for the film, explained why they took the digital route to “What we’re doing is scary but it gives us the power to completely control how we’re marketing the movie, and we know the movie the best. Plus we’ll still own the movie.”

“Some Girl(s)” will be available to download for $10, which includes extras. If you want to rent the film, it costs $5.

This is Vimeo on Demand’s first high-profile release since it unveiled the platform in March during the SXSW Festival. It lets content creators generate revenue through Vimeo by charging viewers for video content and allows creators to keep 90 percent of the money. CEO Kerry Trainor told NMR recently that Vimeo on Demand is a “promising area of direct-to-fan paid video from creators” and that he is pleased with the initial response.

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