Viral Exercise Video ‘Prancercise’ Is An Outrageous Blend Of Horse-Inspired Movements And Ankle Weights

Now that is an exercise routine I don’t mind trying.

Joanna Rohrback originally shot the “Prancercise” video in the late ‘80s to accompany her book “Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence.” “I started by doing a very intense exercise routine,” stated Rohrback in an interview with “Today.” “It involved power walking with ankle weights, and one day I was hearing a really good tune, and I started to stretch my limbs very rhythmically forward, and the rest is history.” But trotting like a horse and actually riding horses are two different things to the “Prancercise” creator who shared in a past interview with Miami New Times, “I’m totally against horse racing and against all that.” The video was originally uploaded onto YouTube Christmas Day of last year but started going viral this week.

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