Viral Facebook Post Accusing Juggalo Of Rape Is Awful Ex-Girlfriend Revenge Scheme

Another day another compelling case for why nothing posted on social media networks should ever be taken seriously.

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Meet Chad Lesko, a 23-year-old Toledo resident who was accused of being a rapist on Facebook. Lucky for Toledo, Lesko is in fact not a rapist, but that didn’t stop police officers from assaulting him according to Gawker.

“When I was on the way home, I had another cop stopped me and actually slammed me to the ground because he thought I was wanted.” Lesko told Gawker in a phone interview. Lesko was also thrown out of a local park by a resident who had seen the Facebook post.

It turns out the post, which reads in part: “If you see this man, his name is Chad Michael Lesko. He is wanted by Toledo Police for 4 counts of RAPE” was set up on a dummy Facebook account by his ex-girlfriend.


The post has since been taken down, but in the time-honored internet tradition of passing around fake, life-ruining information, the post was shared more than 30,000 times.

“It really pisses me off because I would never do that,” Lesko told Gawker, “I was abused as a child and beaten as a child and I’m really against that. If you have to put your hands on a child, that’s the lowest way to go.”

I wish I could say lesson learned blind sharers and posters, but we all know tomorrow morning’s headlines will read something like: “Totally real, 100% authentic photo of nude Kanye West riding a horse with Benedict Cumberbatch receives 12 trillion Tumblr notes”