Ahmed Angel’s Modeling Photo Meme Could Win Him The ‘Sexiest Man’ Title of 2013 [GALLERY]

Once you look upon the fabulous modeling photos of Ahmed Angel, your definition of beauty will never be the same again. Gazing into those intense and overly photoshopped eyes you’ll find yourself wondering, “Could this be love?”

Yes, ladies, Ahmed Angel, an 18-year old student and Iraqi model, is not only a real person but has blessed you with over 400 of his best modeling portraits on his Facebook. Some of the looks are a little bit sexy, some a little bit dangerous and some just involve too much leather for one girl to handle. Ahmed — who is the spitting image of Tim Curry in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” — even shared with fans on Facebook his secrets to beauty: “These conditions, in order to become a perfect and a successful person: faith in God. Continuous worship. parental satisfaction . Honesty. Humility. Respect. Generosity. Love people. Help people. learn. Research. GOOD HEART . Elegance”

There you have it folks, the formula to success! So enjoy these memes created in his honor, and don’t be ashamed if you need a cold shower afterwards.


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