Viral ‘The Office’ Farewells Video Will Make You Love ‘The Office’ All Over Again [VIDEO]

Most entertainers and television series don’t have a choice in the matter, but for those that “make it” and define the cultural zeitgeist, the argument then becomes: is it better to burn out or fade away?

Kurt Cobain made his choice in the matter, so did Madonna. Personally, I think Madonna made the better choice here, but then when it comes to television series like “The Office,” I think old Kurt Cobain might have been on to something (besides heroin). I watched the original “Office” back in its original inception and loved it. Ricky Gervais is just the right amount of cuddly to make such an irritating character likeable. When I found out they were doing an American version of “The Office” I pretty much immediately went, “No, thank you,” and didn’t watch a single episode for 5 seasons. I was sneering and pontificating and elitist whenever anyone would bring it up even, just squashing all debate right at the source. But one day I inadvertently caught a clip of the show on YouTube, just a small piffle of a thing that made me chuckle. And so finally I sat down and watched an episode (still, like months later) and I was hooked.

I’m not a “Steve Carrell guy” (as much as anybody can be a “Steve Carrell guy” I guess), but his chemistry with that particular crew made for a really unique and sharply funny show. But even when he left and James Spader replaced him (after that awkward Will Ferrell pit stop), the show still had moments. But this last season has been tragic. Gone are all the beautiful moments that were built slowly over the course of many years … Jim and Pam — TV’s perfect couple have done nothing but bicker and fight. Andy and Erin … TV’s second perfect couple? They have her making out with some new guy I didn’t give a shit about. Brokenhearted, I stopped watching the show midway through because it made me hate characters I used to like. And it’s a shame too, because I LOVE Creed.

But now, fittingly, this YouTube clip of “The Office” crew, labelled “Part 1,” saying their goodbyes and talking tearjerker memories, has brought me back. I want to believe that they’ve got enough tricks in their writer toolbox to send this show out properly. So I will tune in May 16th, for one last episode. Don’t fuck it up, “Office.”

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