Viral ‘What Kind of Asian Are You?’ Video Pokes Fun At Stereotypical Questions

It’s not uncommon for an Asian American or someone of a minority background to get asked these types of questions: “Where are your parents from?” or “What kind of _____ are you?”

In the viral video from Los Angeles YouTuber Ken Tanaka, one of comedian David Ury’s alter-egos, he pokes fun at an oblivious male jogger who insists on asking questions about an Asian American woman’s heritage. Once the guy tries to bond with the female jogger with references to kimchi and barbecue, she turns the tables on him.

Tanaka’s video “What Kind of Asian Are You?” was commissioned for YouTube Comedy Week and was one of the more popular skits from the festival at more than 2 million views.

See how Tanaka ridicules stereotypical questions about race and ethnicity in the video above.

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