Vlogger Lamarr Wilson Talks YouTube Trends On ‘This Week in YouTube’ [INTERVIEW]


When Lamarr Wilson isn’t vlogging about the latest gadgets or singing and dancing with Tay Zonday, he likes to talk about what’s happening in the YouTube universe. He, along with tech broadcaster Leo Laporte and Chad Johnson host the netcast “This Week in YouTube” on the TWiT Network every Sunday at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. In their show, the trio discusses the latest news, viral videos and issues in YouTube in the past week.

To know more about how his YouTube experience and his co-hosts experiences make for vigorous discussion on “This Week in YouTube,” I talked to Wilson about how they conceived this netcast and what happens behind the scenes in preparation for each show.

How did you, Laporte and Johnson come up with this netcast?

Lamarr Wilson: I’ve been a Leo Laporte fan for years; he’s iconic in the tech and media world. I met him finally last year in a Google+ hangout he was having about the iPad 3 where we invited Google+ guests to come to the live event. Prior to that, he had never heard of me, and we connected there! Later I appeared on his flagship show “This Week in Tech” and “This Week in Google” and talked about YouTube news.  This led to me pitching an idea for his network to have a show exclusive to YouTube since YouTube news is moving so fast these days. He was immediately on board with my idea, and the show was born!  Our only hiccup was that there was a show years ago with the same title, but we talked to the guy who ran it, and he gave our new show (which is completely different from his) his blessing and enjoys watching it weekly.

What are some topics that you discuss on “This Week in YouTube” that interest you guys the most?

We love talking about YouTube news relating to YouTube’s marketing directions — silly or not — where we see YouTube going in relation to “old media,” and so on. Our favorite segment is probably “Real or Fake” where we take a really popular video, usually a commercial, and debate whether or not it was staged/fake or real/genuine. The banter is always hilarious!

What do all you bring to the table on the podcast?

I bring the experience as a growing YouTuber who has to deal with these changes head on daily. I also have the privilege of knowing higher-ups at Google/YouTube and tapping their heads for knowledge so I usually find out things first. I’m a public speaker which makes hosting easier, and my comedic wit keeps the show lively.

Chad Johnson has the experience of being a YouTuber from the past who is considering re-joining. He is the producer of the podcast and many others, which adds to the show’s flow. Finally, him being the youngest of the group, he’s able to understand YouTube from a different perspective than we are and gives insights we never thought of.

Leo Laporte represents the common average YouTube viewer. He plays the part of the “old guy” who doesn’t understand YouTube, so when he learns something, he’s so excited about it that it translates well to the audience, and they learn it as well. He’s the perfect piece to our puzzle. And of course, his 30 plus years’ experience in broadcasting in old/new media makes him more knowledgeable about the overall space than any of us will ever be!

What goes behind the scenes before each show is produced?

I am the show notes producer, so I get the stories and videos ready, usually a day or two before. I Skype in after Leo finishes his “Tech Guy” radio show, and while he’s getting ready to transition to our show, we playfully talk with the live audience watching online, which is usually 15-20k people each Sunday (yes, that many). The pre-show sometimes is just as amazing and hilarious as the main show. We finally start recording about 15 minutes after I call in, and the hilarity continues. It’s such a fun atmosphere!

What is the funniest or weirdest show you’ve done so far?

Episode 4 for sure. I logged in to Skype to start the show only to see Leo with his shirt off and behind a YouTube shower curtain that he bought from Amazon to do the beginning promo for our show. It was both disturbing and hilarious, but that’s the kind of fun we have with this show. I love working with Leo and Chad, and the TWiT network is the perfect place for “This Week in YouTube.” It’s an honor to work with them on this project.

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