What Does The New Instagram Logo Mean For The Future Of The Application?

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Last week, photo sharing app Instagram unveiled a new, hand-drawn logo. While logo redesigns usually inspire the same level of excitement most people reserve for French cinema and watching paint dry, Instagram’s new ensign may point at possible plans for the application’s future.

In order to break down what Instagram’s redesigned logo could mean in the long run, first we need to address its actual changes.

Up first is the logo’s color change. Moving from a solid black to white on a cornflower blue background suggests, as Web Designer Depot explains, “confidence, peace and integrity.” In addition, blue, unlike black, holds a globally positive association. Instagram could be preparing to branch out and really begin pushing for more of a global market.


Typographer Mackey Saturday, the creator of the logo, explained in a post that the new design was, “Looking to the past to inspire the future, the script connects with the nostalgia that Instagram was built from, maintains the important character of the original typeface, and places the brand in a unique and prominent position both in the current and future landscape.”

In January, after unveiling a controversial new privacy policy, several reports claimed that Instagram lost close to 25 percent of its daily users. While the numbers proved to be slightly less than that, it was still a rough way to start the year for Instagram. The application’s acquisition by Facebook didn’t help public perception either as the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg rocketed its way towards being seen as one of the most heartless social sites around.


Five months later, Instagram’s new logo could suggest a return to the company’s roots. Free of Facebook (but not really), the redesign acts as a visual sleight of hand that recalls the Instagram we once loved.

Instagram doesn’t stray too far from their corporate masters though. The blue color, similar to the one found in Facebook’s logo, also subtly, or not-so-subtly, reminds every party involved that this is still Facebook’s operation.

A simple logo redesign that reminds us of better times is often followed by massive changes; whether they are catastrophic or not is a different story. Last year, Dominos simplified their logo and then rolled out handmade pan pizza, which was amazing. Let’s hope Instagram’s redesigned logo is a harbinger of something, if not better than, equal to sweet, sweet pizza pie.


Most likely though, being Facebook-owned, it’ll probably just be ads that try to sell me Viagra or something.

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