‘White Men Wearing Google Glass’ Tumblr Shows Ultimate White Boys Club


Google Glass has had its fair share of criticism since its release early this year as people have complained that the product is both unappealing and impractical for their normal everyday lifestyle. Best said by one of NMR’s super cool, hip and trendy writers: “It is as cool as a segway for your face.” And with the growing popularity of the Tumblr “White Men Wearing Google Glass,” Google Glass might have just lost what little audience it had left.

“White Men Wearing Google Glass” collects pictures of — you guessed it — white guys wearing the glasses alongside the caption: “In its favour, if Google Glass didn’t exist, all these Silicon Valley guys would be having affairs or buying unsuitable motorbikes.” While speed boats and affairs with 24-year-old waitresses used to be the tell-tale signs of a midlife crisis, in the new era of technology, men are getting their kicks slapping down $1500 dollars for a pair of easily lost, easily broken glasses. In its collection of vanilla-flavored photos, “White Men Wearing Google Glass” has been seen as making a larger comment about Google products being only for the “white male” consumer. The stigma of having a “white only” customer is one that could continue to harm the image of the product that has yet to be made available for sale to the public. The sentiment was captured in a tweet by Emmy award-winning director Jason Zada, who wrote, “White Men Wearing Google Glass. This doesn’t make me want a pair.”


But having a “white only” stigma may be the least of Google Glass’ problems, as consumers have been taking more of an issue with the product’s privacy-violating apps that allow the wearer to take photos by blinking their eyes or record videos without others knowing they are on camera. As Rebecca Greenfield of The Atlantic writes, “The creepiest google glass app is a stalker’s dream.” So as Google Glass hears the mournful notes of the “Funeral March” closing in, it seems best that Google chalks the product up to a “learning experience” and stays away from making any more technologically advanced clothing.

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