‘Why is Everybody So Afraid of Love?’ Video is A ‘Million-View’ Formula For Success [VIDEO]

I won’t ruin this incredibly short video called “Why is Everybody So Afraid of Love?” with a spoiler.

But I will say, Jerome Jarre has hit upon a winning formula for a viral video — copycats are imminent. Of course, it helps that Jarre himself likely copied his formula a little bit from a video by YouTuber ADarkenedRoom called, “Afraid of Technology.” Watch both; they’re the same damn thing. But you know what? The concept is delightful, so no harm, no foul.

I’d watched “Afraid of Technology” back when it was new, and I’d laughed then — but clearly I’d forgotten about it in the years since. So when I watched Jarre’s video, posted to Vine, I went “Hey, this is clever.” It was only in the comments below that I was reminded of the old video. And as such, there’s money to be made in them thar hills!

There are probably thousands of really great, funny, old YouTube videos that no one remembers (or that younger generations haven’t seen!) that someone could benefit from by remaking, in a fashion, and then monetizing them! Obviously I’m not talking “Evolution of Dance,” “David After Dentist” or that girl who shits in the jacuzzi, but surely one of those videos of a kid jumping from one building to another and missing hilariously is worth doing a shot-for-shot remake of — okay, I’m getting word from our lawyers that I’m not allowed to instruct impressionable, gold-digging morons to jump off of buildings. But they’re giving me the thumbs up on telling you to “accidentally” set yourselves on fire for views.

Just remember, as your agent now, I’m entitled to 10% of any medication or skin grafts you receive afterwards.

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