Woman Tries To Outrun Dog In Wedding Dress, Ends In A Football Tackle And Grass Stains

Is there anything funnier than watching a screaming bride run across a field in her wedding dress? Well maybe a screaming Muppet in the same situation, but besides that, I would say no.

The must-watch Youtube video captures a bride walking home from showing her wedding dress to her grammy, and, upon reaching the yard, is chased down and tackled by the family dog. The most horrifying moment of that girl’s life caught on film for everyone to enjoy.

The video was originally submitted to America’s Funniest Videos and has garnered over 300 thousand views since its upload last week on the show’s YouTube channel. Making themselves a presence on YouTube, America’s Funniest Videos is beginning to utilize their own channel to prove that not only are they still relevant, but that they know how to play the social media game as well. It’s an interesting decision on the part of the creator who, despite having the chance to monetize the video themselves, chooses to submit the footage to AVF instead.

But one thing is clear, should you be around a bride anytime soon, don’t be the dick who “accidentally” opens the gate, letting all 17 dogs loose. Trust me, no one likes that guy.

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