You Want ‘Big Gas Savings’? Kmart’s Got It In ‘Ship My Pants’ Sequel [VIDEO]

The last time Kmart put out an ad on YouTube, a Kmart employee told befuddled customers that they can “ship their pants” or anything else in the store for free. Since it went live last month, the video got more than 17 million views and it became the third most-watched ad on YouTube for April.

Kmart is hoping that their potty humor will go viral once again in their latest YouTube-based ad. In the sequel to “Ship My Pants,” they’re touting their “Big Gas Savings” deal to solve all your “big gas problems.” It’s not as funny as the “Ship My Pants” ad back in April, but the internet’s hunger for toilet humor will likely mean Kmart’s latest video will have at least a couple of million views—especially since people are curious about how they can get some “Big Gas Savings.”

See what the fuss is all about in the video above.

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