YouTube Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Gives Clues To Her Fans About Her Mysterious New Project

Six years ago, Michelle Phan uploaded her first YouTube video, “Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial,” which gained over 9.7 million views. Since that first video, Phan has become one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube with over 3 million followers and close to 720 million video views. Phan first made a name for herself with her beauty tutorials but has since built an internet empire that covers all things beauty, nails, D.I.Y. beauty products, skin care, fashion and lifestyle advice.

Yesterday Phan released an intriguing, and vague, video about her new upcoming project titled “My Next Chapter.” The video features Phan describing a “dream” she has been chasing for the past two years, and after all her hard work chasing it, Phan is inviting her fans to become involved. Little information about the project has been released but so far Phan has simply asked her fans to sign up on her website to receive updates and clues as to the role they will play in Phan’s next chapter.

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