YouTube Comedy Week Strangely Devoid of Laughter


I started out with a grand idea: watch every video from YouTube Comedy Week, pick the five best videos out of the hundreds and then rank them. After watching many of the videos, I then decided, you know what? I will just find one good one, just one that makes me laugh and crown that one. Just. Any. One. I. Can. Find. That. Makes. Me. Chuckle. Even. A. Little. And you know what? The hell with it. I’m calling it. YouTube Comedy Week was a total bust. I’m not crowning a video as the “best of” because I couldn’t find one I liked. Only Michael Cera’s quirky “Gregory Go Boom” made me feel good about the potential of YouTube after this, and even then, my pleasure with that video was more from aesthetics than actual content.

People, this is your Shark Week (except for Phil DeFrancoShark Week is his Shark Week). You’ve got to do better than this and not let the mainstream Hollywood types come in and do marginally better at your job than you. The rest of the year, you all give me chuckles aplenty, but for some reason, making the week devoted to “comedy” upped the bar more than you could manage.

I included the daily recap from last Monday at the top of this article, but I could have picked any of the “Daily Recaps” because they were all full of the same mundane, tired schtick. In fact, I felt like “YouTube through history” must have been a theme because many of you chose to do approximations of it. Good concept, poor carryout.

Lets try this again next year, and next time, damnit people, give it some feeling.

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