YouTube in Medieval Times — Black Nerd Comedy Lampoons Ye Olde Internet

I love, love, love the concept of this video! Every skit they did, I recognized what I was watching (the title cards helped some, natch) and was delighted that it had been included. Here we had skits lampooning Epic Meal Time, Hannah Hart, Epic Rap Battles, Gamers, NSFW stuff and pranking, as well as Shaycarl.

The actual production itself wasn’t nearly as smooth, but they get high marks for concept and for featuring a bevy of up-and-coming YouTube personalities including NMR friends QbanGuy and Jonathan Watson.

I don’t actually give videos ratings; I feel it is too difficult to establish a set of standards across such a broad spectrum of genres, creator capabilities and general YouTuber experience. However this is Black Nerd Comedy, an established creator unit and as such, I expect nothing but the highest quality from them — especially during Comedy Week.

This video annoying comes across like they conceived of the idea, realized it was brilliant, and then recruited a cast of whoever was around, acting chops or not, filmed, edited and released it all in the same day.

Still, I don’t want to seem racist, so I’m giving this video a high 8 out of 10. No, fuck it, a 9. Yeah, that should keep the haters off my back.

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