YouTube Interactive Trends Map Breaks Down What Your City Is Really Watching


YouTube, probably because their engineers have too much time on their hands, recently rolled out an interactive Trends Map. The map, broken down by different regions in the U.S., shows what people are watching with a variety of variables including age and sex.

The YouTube Trends Map, as you would expect, pretty much stays consistent throughout the United States, which means at this moment America is nuts about Alexander Skarsgard with his shirt off (“‘True Blood’ Season 6 Trailer”).

More than anything, the interactive map is an interesting cultural look at what the various cities across the U.S. are watching on YouTube. In Fairbanks, Alaska and Juneau, Alaska, people are really into a video of a lady being arrested for no reason. I think I sense a militia forming somewhere.

And what are we apparently watching at NMR homebase in Southern California? Something called “Life is Just a Game EP. Promo” by a band called The CLOOD. What the shit, California? Pull yourselves together.

To check out the interactive map, head over to, and find out what your city is doing instead of their day jobs.