YouTube Opens Up Live Streaming Capability To All Channels With Over 1k Subs

Over the past few years, live streaming on YouTube has quickly risen to be a reliable source for drawing traffic through crafting events rather than just pre-recorded videos. Take Red Bull’s live stream of the Felix Baumgartner supersonic freefall for example. The event shattered live stream records and set the standard for the viral status a live event could actually achieve.

Previously, live streaming events were limited to a small amount of creators and major content providers like Red Bull or The Young Turks. Today, YouTube has rolled out live stream capability to all channels “in good standing with over a thousand subscribers.”

Among some fantastic features that YouTube is rolling out, the video site will offer live streaming partners real-time transcoding, which means your streams will be available in all resolutions on any device just as long as you send YouTube a high-quality stream first.

Additionally, a multi-cam setup will be supported for live streams as well as the ability to insert ads, closed captions and slates.

To find out if your channel is eligible for live streaming, head over to your Account Features page and look for the “Enable” button to apply for live options.

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