YouTube Sensation Stunt Quarterback Alex Tanney Released By Chiefs [VIDEO]


This just in from the dreams do come true file: Alex Tanney, the YouTube phenomenon football quarterback, was just cut by the Kansas City Chiefs. Hmm, I think somebody mis-filed that one …

Tanney, who filmed a video back in 2011 of himself throwing a football great distances and with laser-like precision, was signed by the Chiefs as a sort of novelty pick-up. He spent all of the 2012 season on injured reserve and never actually saw any NFL playing time. I guess there weren’t a bunch of opportunities to throw a ball into a trash can in the actual games …

Considering I didn’t even know they had this guy on their depth chart, I’d say he was released with more fanfare than he was acquired. Maybe once the Detroit Lions release Havard “Kickalicious” Rugland, the two of them can go on the road like some bastard Harlem Globetrotters, just punting and passing their way around the middle of the country, wowing folks at State Fairs in exchange for Po’ Boy Stew and quilts.

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