YouTube Starts Online Tutorial Course For YouTubers To Maximize Profits [VIDEO]

What if I told you that YouTube is offering an University of Phoenix-esque online college for making you a better YouTuber? You’d be excited, right?

Sending YouTubers to a site where they can download a PDF file is so old world — we need multi-sensory engagement. We make videos, we watch videos, why not make engaging videos for us to watch that teach us how to make better videos?

Finally YouTube has gotten its ducks in a row by organizing a course on how YouTubers can maximize profits and make better videos. Formerly only available in book form as a YouTube Creator Playbook, YouTube now has seized on the much more appropriate idea of practicing what they preach. Their first video, starring those charming chaps from Sorted Food, runs like more of an introduction for what is to come, but nonetheless the knowledge dispensed should be basic but valuable (if it’s anything like the Creator Handbook).

Of course, it’s not just for anyone … like an elite university or a sperm bank, you have to fill out a form and register to get access to the goods. It’s a free two-week course from June 3 to June 16 and is open to creators above 13 years of age who have at least 10 videos on their channel. You can register for it here. In the group sessions, you will learn tried and true techniques from YouTube masters including how to increase views through quality homepages and how to work across a variety of electronic devices. At the end of the course, if you pass their test and turn in all your assignments (I shit you not, there is homework), you will receive a certificate of completion. So if you want to make this YouTube thing a career, sign up now.

I can’t wait for the class where they explain that being an attractive girl who wears sexy things will increase your success a thousandfold.