YouTube To Allow All Creators To Connect Channels With G+ Pages Soon

Big news for YouTube partners using Google+. Soon, creators will be able to connect their YouTube channels with an active Google+ page.

The process will be streamlined so that a creator’s YouTube channel and Google+ page will share the same name and avatar, and that’s just one of the perks of connecting accounts.

According to a post made by YouTube in April, additional benefits of connecting Google+ and YouTube include:

1. The ability to have multiple channel managers as well as a uniform login I.D for all of your channels.

2. The option to choose a name that both your channel and Google+ page will share.

3. Live Hangout capabilities, a YouTube tab on your Google+ page and more options for video sharing.


YouTube is offering four different options when linking channels and pages including:

1. Linking your YouTube channel with an existing Google+ page.

2. Creating a new Google+ page that will share your channel’s name.

3. Picking a new name that both accounts will share as well as creating a new Google+ page.

4. Connecting your channel to your existing Google+ profile (YouTube recommends connecting to a page instead).

To get started, click the “Connect With a Google+ Page” option in your advanced account settings menu.


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