YouTuber Onision Accuses ‘Hater’ Of Setting Him Up With Nude Underage Photo

Another day, another controversy for YouTube creator Greg Jackson (Onision). In a recent upload titled “A New Low,” the YouTuber explains that after being sent a topless photo of an underaged girl, he was allegedly set up by a “hater” looking to defame him.

In the video’s comments, Jackson writes: “There’s a screencap out there of me responding to an email from a girl asking to be in my videos. I asked her for her facebook/channel to see if she was photogenic (photogenic = better thumbnails) – Not realizing she had already attached a photo of herself (I was using my cell phone).”

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 3.35.26 PM

The attached photo, as discontents have since pointed out to Jackson, was of an underaged girl used to supposedly lure the vlogger into committing possible heinous acts.

In defense, Jackson wrote on Facebook, “You just don’t ask for someone’s facebook/channel when they send you a **** pic, I wouldn’t do that, problem is, I didn’t know it was there.”


In the wake of the controversy, Jackson has cut off all outside communications with his fanbase. “I’m going to be discontinuing speaking to strangers directly outside of the Onision forums & video comments. It will probably be for good,” writes Jackson, adding, “I also don’t plan on updating my statuses anymore with the exception of sharing video links.I am completely and utterly fed up.”

Still, hordes of commenters are challenging Jackson’s response claiming that the email contained text that alluded to an attached picture. Jackson writes, “Some people are saying the email included ‘look at my pic’ or something like that. I can’t confirm this as (1) it was deleted from my account (I do this with most all emails) (2) I wasn’t paying attention.”


For now, it seems Jackson has cut off all communication with fans, posting a final Facebook message that reads, “I’m seeing a lot of love and support, and I appreciate that. Thank you bananas. This will be my last non-video status update for some time. Goodbye.”


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