Is YouTuber Onision Accusing Vlogger MrRepzion Of Aggressive Stalking In Their Ugly Public Feud?

A strange feud has been developing on YouTube the past week between vloggers Greg Jackson (Onision) and Daniel Sulzbach (MrRepzion).

In a video titled “Dear Stalker” released by Jackson last week, the vlogger explains, “I’ve had this little stalker on YouTube for a while. And he’s a pretty creepy dude.” Jackson goes on to accuse this unnamed “stalker” of sending a handwritten letter to his in laws, “about what a terrible person he believes me to be.”

Over the course of “Dear Stalker,” Jackson restates that he is not a rape apologist, something the vlogger was accused last year after a series of ex-girlfriend shaming uploads, in which the YouTuber was criticized for allegedly making light of rape.

While Jackson never clearly addresses Sulzbach directly, posted yesterday at the MrRepzion YouTube channel in a video titled “Evidence vs. Onision,” Sulzbach claims that “Dear Stalker” was aimed at him. In the over 14-minute upload, Sulzbach argues the claims made by Jackson saying, “I did not write the letter; in fact I know who did write the letter.”

Sulzbach has previously been public about his dislike for Jackson, recording numerous response videos calling out the vlogger for his controversial advice videos. In an upload posted last year, Sulzbach explains in response to Jackson’s advice to a 17-year-old fan who was experiencing abuse that, “Greg, you’ve said a lot of dumb things, but this is the most ridiculous, dumb thing I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth.”

Switching back to a video titled “Please STOP This” uploaded by Jackson yesterday, the YouTuber asks “the individual who has been harassing my wife, my wife’s in laws and myself for some time now to stop.” In addition, earlier today Jackson uploaded a video titled “Just.Go.Away,” in which he explains that a privacy complaint was filed against the aforementioned “Please STOP this” video.

Jackson explains that the privacy complaint was unfounded and that, “YouTube should know that this guy, if they look at his channel, has been making numerous videos about me, hating on me.”

No response has been uploaded by Sulzbach yet, but we have reached out to him for comment and will update accordingly.

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