YouTubers Freddiew, Wong Fu, Jen ‘FromHeadtoToe’ and More Face Off in ISA’s First-Ever Variety Game Show [EXCLUSIVE BTS]

Let the games begins!

Today, ISA TV released the premiere episode of its upcoming variety game show that features popular YouTubers facing off in over-the-top gaming challenges.

ISA, International Secret Agents, was originally created by Wong Fu Productions and the Far East Movement with the goal of uniting the Asian American internet community and showcasing the rising talent of YouTube. Since its 2008 founding, the events company has grown to become an all-encompassing entertainment portal that blogs about internet news and creates original programming hosted by Ted Fu, Philip Wang, Kev Jumba, Wesley Chan, Justin Chon, Laura Fama and Tiffany Chung.

The variety game show is the first of its kind for ISA TV and the first of their programming to be filmed in front of a live studio audience. Fans waited hours outside of the YouTube studio before finally securing seats inside of the show’s set to cheer on their favorite contestants. ISA’s variety game show was inspired by outrageous game shows popular in Asia that many of the Asian American YouTubers grew up watching. Contestants of the show include Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch, Mike Song, Anthony Lee, Ally Maki, Ted Fu, Clara C, Jen (FromHeadToToe), David Choi and Wesley Chan.

At the start of the show, hosts Philip Wang and Amy Okuda broke the group into two teams that would go on to compete in charades, two truths and a lie and obstacle course competitions that usually ended up with more hysterical laughing than actual game playing.  And to make things a little bit more ridiculous, the losers of each game were subjected to “punishments” decided by show punisher Yoshi, played by Kevin Wu (KevJumba) wearing a mustache and Hugh Hefner robe.

For many of the contestants, preparation for the game show began long before the taping. 5’1” Jen, the creator behind the YouTube channel FromHeadToToe, shared with NMR that she had practiced throwing people all week in case one of the games called for a demonstration of physical strength, and YouTube choreographers and real-life roommates Mike Song and Anthony Lee had avoided talking to each other the entire morning in case they were placed on different teams. In between takes, NMR talked one-on-one with the show’s contestants and found out just how far many of them would go to bring their team to victory. Let’s just say, these people aren’t afraid to throw down.

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