YouTubers React on Twitter to the ‘The Big Live Comedy Show’

The first annual YouTube Comedy Week festival kicked off Sunday with “The Big Live Comedy Show,” a star-studded extravaganza featuring Sarah Silverman, The Lonely Island, Seth Rogen, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts, among other acts. YouTube hyped up the event for the past month, even bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote the program.

Even though it had an all-star cast and a box office legend to promote the live stream, “The Big Live Comedy Show” was generally perceived as underwhelming. The overall mood from many prominent YouTubers on Twitter has been that “The Big Live Comedy Show” was lame, unfunny and painful to watch.

Check out their reactions to “The Big Live Comedy Show” below:

Jesse Cox


Philip DeFranco


Anthony Padilla of Smosh




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