YouTube’s 5 Worst Hilariously Catastrophic Auto Caption Fails


If for any reason you require English closed captioning while watching YouTube, then I offer my deepest, deepest condolences. Back in 2009, Google announced the addition of automatic captions to most YouTube videos. The results, as we’ve all come to know over the past four years, are painfully  bad.

But hey, it’s a computer trying understand human speech, cut it some slack. I mean, Google has had plenty of time to tinker with auto captions, so surely they’ve got to be better by now, right?

(Turns on auto captions)

Oh boy. Things are not better.

While I’m here, let’s at least marvel in 2013’s top 5 horrifying attempts at speech recognition courtesy of Google’s caption robot.

5. “All of this was made worse by the fact that I have these birthmarks.”

What YouTube heard:



4. “Should we get on with it? I’ll grab my stuff.”

What YouTube heard:



3. “That’s your special friend butterfly who came to say ‘hello’ to you”

What YouTube heard:


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