YouTube’s Most Beloved Furball Maru the Cat Celebrates 6th Birthday By Cramming Inside More Boxes

Long before there was Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, a chubby cat named Maru captivated the hearts of millions with YouTube videos following his daily life. Maru in a box, Maru takes a bath, Maru sees himself in the mirror — no matter what the cat gave us, we just couldn’t get enough. This past weekend Maru celebrated his 6th birthday, and as a gift to the universe, has created a video with the help of his owner featuring his most adorable moments of 2012. So adorable, I dare say, that when watching the video you will want to reach through the screen and slam your face right into his plump little belly.

One of the original internet icons, Maru has not only made a name for himself on YouTube but had the opportunity to publish a book on his life, star in his own movie and design clothes. His channel was first discovered by Entertainment Weekly and has since grown to over 213 million video views and close to 340,000 subscribers. So happy birthday to you, Maru, and here’s to many more years of your ridiculous cuteness doing ridiculously cute things.

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