1.8 Million YouTubers Watch As Chinese Cargo Handler is Virally Terrible At His Job

No wonder my fortune cookies are always broken …

1.8 million YouTubers have cryptically tuned in to be surprised at this video of an employee doing something disturbing. It’s good that stuff like this still makes waves — I was worried it was becoming commonplace.

There is an almost comical Charlie Chaplinesque way to the manner in which this cargo loader at a Chinese airport operates. Grabbing boxes and throwing them at the conveyor belt used for loading them onto the plane, he winds up dropping more boxes to the ground than he successfully loads. In the end, since all the boxes need to end up on the plane, he then expends more labor having to reload them correctly. He is sort of madcap in his ignorance for this fact. You almost want to point this notion out to the man, but in the end, it is more fun to watch the mayhem. Really, if you sped up the video and added a sort of “Yakety Sax” theme, you’d have a fun, silly montage instead of this terribly inept employee being busted on the job.

Of course, anything sped up with a “Yakety Sax” theme to it seems comical. Except 9/11. Probably.

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