10 Things Creators Should Know About The Latest Study on YouTube’s Top Channels

6. Top YouTubers Post At Least 1.25 Videos Per Week


Consistency is key to success, and posting at least one or two videos a week has probably helped the top 241 YouTubers get as much subscribers and viewers as they have today. The median number of weekly videos is at 1.25 while the average is just shy of 3 videos per week. Gamers, on average, post the most videos per week at 8.31, while comedy channels post only 1.23 videos per week.

7. Collaborations Frequent Among Comedians, Rare Among Gamers


Around 34 percent of the videos documented in the survey feature at least one other collaborator in the description. Comedians have a higher rate of collaboration with 43 percent of videos, while gamers rarely collaborate — only 2 percent of these videos have at least one other collaborator.

8. Gamers Get Lots of Comments Per View


Video comments vary by channel, but the three videos that had the highest percentage of comments to views came from gamers like WoodysGamerTag, TotalHalibut and JamesNintendoNerd.

9. YouTubers Tweet Often, Not On Google+ At All


On average, the top 241 YouTubers tweet 7.11 times a day and had around 4.28 mentions per day. As for other social media networks, YouTubers post 0.41 times a day on Google+ and make on average only 1.31 Facebook posts per day.

10. Top YouTubers Don’t Serialize Their Content


Out of the top 241 YouTube channels in the study, only MachinimaPrime features videos that have a consistent, overall storyline.

Read the entire “2013 YouTube Study” here.

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