16-Foot Python Opens Door And Becomes Nightmare Of Every Child In America [VIDEO]

And I thought living next door to an aggressive, 6-foot long iguana as a kid was bad …

The Vimeo video of a 16-foot albino Burmese python named Julius successfully escaping from her room has gone viral, and from this day on, will be the cause of children’s night terrors for years to come. In the description below the video, Jenner — Julius’ owner — writes: “Bored of being in a dark room, [Julius] flips on the light, opens the door and bails. This particular episode takes place at 1am. This is why we keep doors locked with her around. We don’t need her harassing the neighbors.” While many questions about this video will go unanswered — such as why does anyone own a 16-foot long snake in an apartment — one thing is certain: Julius has quickly slithered her way to internet stardom.

Down to get a little spooked? Jeff Klima is just the guy for you:

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