1930’s Fashion Designers Tried To Guess What We’d Be Wearing in Year 2000 – Hilarious Epic Fail [VIDEO]

Ooh, swish!

I don’t know who has been sitting on this gem of a video for the past few decades, but ladies and germs, today, a treasure has been unearthed.

This video showing what designers in 1939 thought folks would be wearing in the year 2000 is so comically inept, that I cannot get enough views of it. It isn’t so much that the designers were so wrong — they’re not too far off on some things, and if they saw some of the crazy shit Lady Gaga has worn, their minds would be blown. Rather, what makes this video so compelling is the mindset of the narrator and people of that era. The glib, flip comments about women and their need to get a mate are some of the most delightfully misogynistic fluff I’ve heard since season 1 of “Mad Men.”

One thing is for damn certain: I was born in the wrong decade. Ring-a-ding-ding! Those keen dames could use a good pinch on the tush and a Micky Finn from an egg like me. Then I’d pitch em’ some woo, throw ‘em some lead and take a ride on the hotsquat from a house peeper. Savvy?

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