4chan, Reddit, Mozilla Team Up To Stop Prism – Let the Wild Rumpus Begin


So Mozilla, Reddit, 4chan and a bunch of other websites have teamed up with human rights organizations like the ACLU in order to demand that congress do something about all this “invasion of privacy.” Eighty-six entities in all have “signed a letter” (these days, I feel like signed a letter is not quite the physical act that it used to be. on behalf of their respective groups declaring that PRISM, the government’s recently exposed online surveillance program, be shut down. Boiled down to the nitty gritty, I will just say that it does my heart good to see cats (Reddit) and dogs (4chan) getting along and if this is the sort of battle we need to bring the internet together, I say fight on.

Alex Fowler, who wrote in a blog post: “We need to rekindle that energy more than ever so our elected officials take the necessary actions to illuminate how current surveillance policies are being implemented.”

Of course, the snarky side of me wants to make asides and commentary about how we are really not being as “invaded upon” as we think, or about how likely we will crush PRISM only to allow for the creation of something more clandestine and worse, but hell, this is another proud day for the internet. Somebody break out the cat memes, I feel like buying a boat.