5-Second Films Looks To Kickstarter To Fund Full-Length Slasher Flick ‘Dude Bro Party Massacre 3’ [INTERVIEW]


Does the world really need another gory, artless film where young people fuck and then wind up wildly dismembered by some mysterious slasher?

Hell yes! Hell yes! Hell yes!

Especially when the creators of the would-be comedy/gorefest “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3” are also the members of the succinct and sublime online short-film-making juggernaut 5secondfilms. Utilizing crowdfunding, the new standard in independent feature film finance-raising, Michael E. Peter and the other members of the 5secondfilms crew have turned to Kickstarter to see just what the heck they can accomplish. Their goal is $200,000, and they’re over a quarter of the way there with $57,000 raised and 27 days to go. People! Empty out your pockets, dig between your couch cushions, rob your local convenience store (if you go this path, grab me some “Flamin’ Hot” Cheetos); in short, do whatever it takes to ensure that this movie gets made. The only way I can feel joy anymore is when I see people that are cooler than me dying horribly (Hmm, I should probably not admit that publicly).

5secondfilms, if you aren’t familiar, are basically three act movies (beginning, middle, and end) performed in less time than it takes you to pick a stubborn wedgie. The shorts, of which a thousand of them are posted online, are typically comedic in nature and range from such subjects as “no towels in the bathroom” to, well, a massacre at a “dude bro” party. For reference here, look down at your collar — if it is upturned, you’re likely a “dude bro.”

Since the “Who? What? and Why?” already have answers, we now just need the “Where? When? and How?” And for that we asked Mr. Peter, Producer of “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3” to fill in the specifics. Read the interview, donate to their Kickstarter and then kick back and watch some 5secondfilms. Also, send this article along to five people within the next hour or a little girl with a p*nis will show up and murder you (“Sleepaway Camp” anyone?).

Was a feature film always the goal? Or is this a new development that seemed like a fun side project?

Michael E. Peter: Making a feature film wasn’t the ultimate goal of 5secondfilms as a group, but many of the individual members have always strived to make feature films. In fact a few of us have already produced independent feature films. The desire to make a feature, under the banner of 5secondfilms, came along with the realization that we could. We didn’t need anyone’s permission to make the film — we had the tools and the skill set to make it ourselves. And, ideally with the help of Kickstarter, be able to realize our vision to it’s full potential.

You promise to deliver the most onscreen deaths of any slasher movie … how many is that, and do you actually have the number from the previous “record holder”?

We’ve been doing our due diligence in researching the most on-screen deaths in a slasher movie, and it appears to be between “The Collection” and “Hellraiser 3,” since both films kill off an entire club of people. Debates about what technically qualifies as a “slasher film” aside, we plan to blow those out of the water. The script is written to allow for an unbelievable amount of death — the more funding we get on Kickstarter, the more kills we’ll be able to show on camera!

Would filming a feature movie distract you all from our daily dose of 5secondfilms?

It’s going to be hard — there’s no question about that — but people will still get the daily 5SF fix. We’re already shooting a TON of content to help us create a solid backlog, so when we’re in production for “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3” we know that we have high-quality 5secondfilms and Uproxx videos all shot, edited and ready to go.

What made “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3” the natural fit for your first feature length effort?

It was the first feature idea that really got all the writers excited and coming together. It wasn’t one person’s concept that we all agreed to make; it came out of an existing 5SF (so fans already knew it), and we were able to integrate everyone’s ideas and individual styles into the script. It was an interesting writing process. Everyone got together to design the overall outline and breakdowns of central characters. That way we all knew the story that had to be told, and who these characters were. But then, we divvied up the scenes to be written independently. Someone would have to write scenes 5, 13, 27 and 40, but wouldn’t be allowed to talk to any of the other writers until we pieced them all into a full script and read it together. It was the funniest table read any of us had ever been to.

Are you going to be beholden to the DBPM3 trailer you made a little while back? Or is it all new content?

All new content! The central concept is still the same: bros being butchered by a curvaceous masked woman. But we were able to delve so much deeper in the story, the characters, and the whole mythology of the “Dude Bro Party Massacre” franchise. For example, in the 5SF and trailer it’s just a masked woman, but we don’t know anything about the killer. In true slasher-film style, DBPM3 creates a mythology for “Motherface,” the blade-wielding villain of the series.

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