5-Second Films Looks To Kickstarter To Fund Full-Length Slasher Flick ‘Dude Bro Party Massacre 3’ [INTERVIEW]

A lot of information was thrown at us in your submission vid, but did I see something about erotic playing cards? Tell me more …

Oh you heard correctly. You see, DBPM3 has a sexy sub-plot that follows beloved 5SF character Officer Sminkle as he investigates a string of nudie trading cards that “someone” has been making of all the sorority girls. So, for a Kickstarter-exclusive prize we thought it’d be fun to make decks of our own erotic playing cards featuring characters from the film and more (not to mention lots of other great mid-kickstarter prize announcements and stretch goals).

Provided the Kickstarter goes well, what is a logical timetable for us to be watching this film?

Within a year. There will be a couple months of pre-production, finding the perfect lake house (one of the films central locations), building all the prosthetics, et cetera. Obviously the more successful the Kickstarter, the more options we will have in terms of locations, and the better our special effects can be. We plan to start shooting late summer/early fall. That gives us ample time for post-production. With a project of this scope the editing process is going to be where a lot of the magic happens.

Broken Lizard failed to pull off a ‘80s slasher-style spoof a few years ago with “Club Dread.” How is 5secondfilms/Uproxx going to do it better? Or is it entirely different circumstances?

One of the first questions you ask yourself before making a movie is, “Has this been done before?” We thought about “Club Dread,” but honestly they are entirely different movies. First off, we don’t consider DBPM3 a spoof. We embrace the genre; in fact DBPM3 is an ‘80s slasher film. Part of the mythology is that this film is the third installment in the fictitious movie franchise “Dude Bro Party Massacre.” Due to a studio fire, the film was thought to be lost to history, until someone found a VHS recording that a Midwestern teenager had recorded off a late-night horror movie broadcast. So when you watch DBPM3, you are actually watching that teenager’s VHS recording. Complete with the late night horror movie hosts, commercial breaks, storm watch warnings, et cetera.

Okay, let’s be frank: The twin hallmarks of great slasher films are explicit gore and gratuitous naked ladies. Will DBPM3 have a lot of both?

Explicit gore? Of course. Gratuitous nudity? Definitely. Ladies? Yes. One of the reasons that we decided to go with Kickstarter is that we wanted to make the deaths and special effects really amazing. We were tired of all the backyard FX tricks and wanted the budget to build real prosthetics and have amazingly gory, but hilarious special effects. And no horror movie is complete with out the exploitative sex stuff. But remember, this is a Dude Bro Party … the ladies aren’t the only ones getting objectified here.

If the Kickstarter doesn’t work out, is there still another way this film gets made?

We recently found a treasure map that guides us into a network of caves in the Galapagos islands, along with three mysterious clues to help us navigate the booby traps and pitfalls. If the Kickstarter doesn’t work out, we’re going to form a ragtag group to go in search of the treasure. It will be the first feature film to EVER be completely funded by pirate booty.

A simple “no” would have sufficed… but, well, there ya go.

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