Accused Murderer, John McAfee, Crazily Teaches How To Uninstall Software [VIDEO]

There are two things I firmly believe about John McAfee after watching this video: 1. He ABSOLUTELY killed a man down in Belize or wherever that was, and 2. He is a hell of a fun guy to party with.

This cheeky video, which appears to be in response to McAfee — the creator of a popular anti-virus computer program — growing tired of people still connecting him to the software company that bears his name. And so he unloads on the haters in the only way that a man completely out of his mind (which, coming from me, is no small statement) thinks he should deal with his haters — with guns, drugs, strippers and comedy. And, despite seemingly being a total lunatic, he certainly appears to raise some sane points.

I like McAfee — for all I know, the neighbor that was found murdered was a real knob-job (a sort of trait that would likely be found in an American expatriate). Having watched his video on “How to Uninstall Mcafee Antivirus” a few times now, I can honestly say I am no closer to being able to do it, but that is hardly the point McAfee is trying to make. McAfee is making a bold gambit — it’s the Charlie Sheen maneuver (previously known as the “Gary Busey technique” and the “David Lee Roth defense” before that) — in that publicly crazy plays. Publicly crazy is endearing. McAfee, though he parties with trashy women, Hoovers up cocaine and lights cigarettes with $100 bills, is not elitist — he’s kooky. And since he’s kooky, well, fuck it, let’s let him off the hook for that whole “extradition to Belize to face murder charges” thing. Yeah, he’s crazy alright — crazy like a fox. A genius computer programming fox who has cunning and gravitas but is also a lunatic.

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