Adobe Hacks Bus Stop To Photoshop People Some Joy [VIDEO]

Alright, so advertising companies have apparently cracked the viral code lately. Just in the last few weeks we’ve seen a glut of hugely viral videos from the likes of Kmart, Dollar Shave Club, Evian, Oscar Mayer, Netflix, Oreo and now Adobe.

Hijacking a bus stop wall, Adobe installs a monitor that allows people to watch photos of themselves (taken from a van across the street) get warped and altered into funny positions in real time. Nothing too crazy, but it is fun nonetheless.

What’s truly amazing is the virality of the clip — 9.5 million views poured in on it just over the weekend, making it one of the most viral clips of the year. Is this foreshadowing the formulaic attributes of virality? Is virality becoming less about game theory and more about hard pure science?

And, ugh, if so, how long before Pepsi starts making godawful viral videos starring Jeff Gordon? Oh shit. Choice of a new generation, my ass.

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