AkayDoll: Lifestyle Channel That Also Offers Up Honest ‘Girl Talk’ [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]

Kayla Lashae’s beauty and lifestyle channel has one very important thing that separates it from the myriad of other “fashion flavor” channels that tend to crowd up the YouTube vacuum: Kayla imparts soulful, benevolent and candidly useful advice to her fellow females that directly emerges from her own life.

Sure the fun, frilly stuff is present too — and why not, that stuff makes girls look cute and us guys love when girls look cute (as long as we don’t have to know the lengths they go to, to do so). But in the midst of all that fashion talk, Makayla dishes the goods on growing up and surviving as a smart female in a tricky world. And to me, that is what makes her so deserving of being one of the 15 finalists selected for YouTube’s yearly Next Vlogger contest.

Splitting her channel up into several different factions, we are allowed as much or as little access to Kayla’s world as we like (and she lets us have, of course — some have to stay private). You can just jump right to her style-centric stuff and keep it light, or head on over to KaylaTalk, her channel devoted to sobering tips and tricks about complex topics like losing your virginity. Her main channel is best though, as it tends to blend her existence up, like some warm, comforting soup that gives you Kayla as she is, warts and all. Of course, not that she has any warts (physically or emotionally) but if she did, I bet she’d know just how to get rid of them.

Describe your channel in one AWESOME sentence.

Kayla Lashae: My channel is full of fun, conversation and TMI!

Who are some of the channels that you follow?

If you were to look into my subscriptions box you would see a variety of content. I watch anything from beauty channels, daily vloggers and comedians! NikkiPhillippi overall is such an inspiration to me. Her videos never fail to make me smile! As for daily vloggers I enjoy watching JoeyGraceffa and TheNiveNulls — their vlogs are so entertaining!

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